The fire sale starts as The Stig's helmet is up for sale

We'd like to imagine that after the messy and public break-up between Top Gear and The Stig there was an awkward meeting where the two sides met and handed each other's stuff back, like a recently divorced couple.

But perhaps not, as one of The Stig's helmets is up for sale at auction next month.
The famous white helmet is expected to make anything between £800 and £1,200 when it goes under the hammer at Gorringes on 20 October. The Stig wore a Simpson Diamondback helmet, which usually sells for around £500.

Ok, so the helmet isn't actually being sold by an embittered BBC trying to forget that White Stig ever existed – it is being auctioned by Sophia Vaizey who worked on the show's production team for 18 months. She was given the helmet as a leaving present and has told the BBC that she is saving to buy a house and so needs the cash.

The Stig has been unofficially outed as Ben Collins, who has won the right to publish an autobiography that says he wore the famous white suit on Top Gear. However, the BBC has still yet to confirm or deny that Collins was the man under the helmet.
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