Key trends for makeup this winter

Caroline Cassidy

Summer is almost over and so the fashion world begins to focus on what the look will be for the season ahead. The autumn/winter fashion shows have already showcased what we will be wearing in the weeks to come but what about make-up? What will be the hot look this winter? Why not get ahead of the game by finding out what the trends will be in the coming weeks in the world of makeup? Take a look at our low-down on the make-up you should be wearing this autumn/winter.

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Eye make-up has had a minimalist feel to it on the catwalks so far this year. Simplicity is the key to having one of this season's most fashionable looks. The kohl pencil, or liquid liner if you prefer, will be very much part of autumn/winter 2010-11. It will be more than the smoky eyes we've seen before, go slightly lighter now with shades of beige, taupe and grey rather than just heavy blacks. Try pencil around the whole eye for an intense look or add a little colour for your own unique take.

The red lip is a very classic look that can become very contemporary by slightly removing the edges or softening corners. All shades of red work but go for a contemporary look rather than retro. Why not outline with a lip pencil or use a lip brush for a precise finish.

Texture will be important this year where nails are concerned. Try matt polishes or combine with a glossy tip for slightly different look. As far as colours are concerned you should be thinking rich deep shades like berry, teal and green, the darker the better.

Use cream highlighters with a brush or powdery bronzers to lift skin along your cheekbones. Highlighting and shading is key. Try the cashmere effect with caramel honey tones.

New nude is a look that means toning down your natural lip colour and using a high impact gloss. It's a barely there, but will be a beautifully balmed lip look for the coming season.

This winter forget layers of foundation, let your natural skin tone show through and avoid the shine with matt complexions being the order of the day. Natural looking skin was one of the big looks for the autumn/winter shows. If you don't have this look naturally then it's all about the prep work. Add golden shimmer highlights onto the highest points of the face.

Leave the mascara behind its now time for nude lashes. Ditching the mascara means we can try some new eyeliner and shadows to add definition.