Aston Martin axes Lagonda crossover in favour of big saloon

Aston Martin has decided to kill its controversial Lagonda Crossover in favour of a new, larger saloon, according to some sources.

The Crossover, shown in concept form at the 2009 Geneva motor show, was based on Mercedes GL hardware (the two companies have a technology partnership), but was powered by Aston's V12 and seated only four.
But criticism of the limited passenger space in the handsome but cramped Aston Martin Rapide has prompted company bosses to consider developing a large new Lagonda saloon instead of the Crossover, which attracted plenty of criticism for its brutal styling and inappropriateness to the times.

If the sources are correct, the Lagonda brand will be relaunched on a new saloon, also based on a Mercedes platform, in about four years time.

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