F-duct debate drags on ahead of Monza

Many teams are yet to decide on running their F-duct at this weekend's Italian Grand Prix at Monza, as they look to balance the pros and cons of using the device on the quickest track on the calendar. While Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Renault are all considering their options, other teams, including Williams, are expected to run the F-duct.

Speaking a fortnight ago about using the F-duct at Monza, McLaren's managing director Jonathan Neale said the team would wait until they had data to hand from the Belgian Grand Prix to make a decision. "We have the option to run it or not," said Neale. "At the moment we're just looking at all the options. We'll watch carefully where the end-of-straight speeds come out at Spa."
Although Martin Whitmarsh confirmed to the media after the Belgian Grand Prix that a decision had been made, he refused to reveal whether the MP4-25 would sport an F-duct in Monza. Meanwhile, Ferrari are expected to run back-to-back tests on their F-duct on Friday in Monza to see if it is worth running it for the full weekend, while Renault and Red Bull may choose to do likewise.

Williams on the other hand say running the F-duct is a "no-brainer", insisting that a stalled wing is always going to be an advantage, even though the system reduces the aerodynamic efficiency of the wing. Speaking in Belgium, Williams technical director Sam Michael told reporters: "I don't really understand why there is an F-duct issue. On the Monza wing we've got, there is a massive drag difference. I don't know why you would never do it.

"There is this debate that as you take drag off, it becomes less of a delta. That is true, but it is still a stalled wing so if the wing stalls then it stalls - for us it is a no brainer."

As other teams consider running their F-duct at Monza, Toro Rosso are expected to use their F-duct for the first time this weekend, with Sebastien Buemi having tested it for the first time at the weekend. Toro Rosso is the last of the established teams yet to run the innovative device at a Grand Prix.
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