All shook up inside our long term Citroen DS3

After we raved about the looks, the handling and the attention to detail in our Citroen DS3, day-to-day commuting has brought us a little bit down to earth.

The main problem is the interior. While it is as attractive as the outside, its build quality doesn't quite match its good looks.
Our car has not even covered 9,000 miles yet, but there are already more squeaks in the DS3's interior than you'd find at a mouse orgy. The driver's seat is the biggest culprit, but there is another loud, plasticky sound that emerges every time you tackle a speed bump. It's a shame, as the interior still looks great, with the surfaces holding up well, but as soon as you move the aura of quality diminishes.

The sat nav is our other gripe. The whole setup is remarkably fiddly, and it uses one of the most infuriating systems - one that stops you inputting the whole post code. This means you are left with a large area that you have to narrow down by scrolling through road names.

This is fine if you have a full address, but not if you only know the post code or if you're heading to the countryside where roads can stretch for miles over several areas. As the sat nav systems will not be fitted to the majority of DS3s, this gripe is a small one, but it is a reason to avoid the expensive option. At £750 it is not the priciest, but that's still a lot for a car of this size.

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