Ferrari confirms 458 Italia recall

Ferrari has confirmed that it is recalling all of its 458 Italia cars following a string of high-profile fires around the world.

More than 1,200 examples of the supercar will be modified after an investigation by the manufacturer revealed that adhesive used in the cars construction is liable to overheating, and in extreme cases it can catch fire.

Ferrari will replace the use of the adhesive in the wheel-arch assemblies and heatshield with rivets. Owners of the 458s destroyed by fire will each receive a new model.
Pictures and video of the £170,000 supercar ablaze have been seen around the world after incidents were reported in France, Switzerland, the US and China.

Ferrari told the BBC that it had dispatched engineers to each location to establish the cause of each 'thermal incident'. The issue has not prevented the 458 from gaining universal acclaim as one of the finest cars the brand with the prancing horse has ever built.

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