Toyota Verso-S to debut at Paris show

The original, van-like Toyota Yaris Verso was once one of the least sexy cars on the road, but this latest version promises to be a lot more stylish and, if the press blurb is to be believed, one of the most space-efficient small MPVs out there too.

The Verso-S is less than 4 metres long – usefully shorter than a Fiat Punto, for instance – is said to have a very flexible and practical interior and reckoned to be 'an object lesson in space management'.

Toyota is also claiming higher quality for the cabin finish, but we'll believe that when we see it given the disappointing calibre of materials it's been using in the Yaris and Auris lately.

The dashboard of the new Verso-S certainly looks quite stylish, and the well-placed sat-nav screen and the handy under-dash shelf are proof of the attention to detail that Toyota says it's been paying, but the cabin does look suspiciously grey.

The Verso-S on sale here in early 2011.

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