Discounts down, prices up for new cars

Have you seen a new 60-plate car yet? Figures out today from What Car? suggest this might not be the best time to go out and buy one.

New car discounts have dropped by over 12% according to the magazine – every month it 'mystery shops' car dealers and has found the average discount consumers can haggle off their new car is £1779, £248 less than the same time last year.

Combined with rising list prices almost across the board, this means that motorists will find their wallets being squeezed at the dealerships.
Despite the discouraging news, What Car? says that there are still bargains to be had if you're prepared to shop around for them, with online retailers offering the best value.

Researchers for the magazine tried to find the best deals for the 60 most searched for cars on their website and managed to find £158,000 worth of savings.

Discounts are a serious business - a poll conducted via the What Car? website suggests that 58% of new car buyers would rather have a bigger discount on their car than an extended warranty.
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