M6 Toll has failed, says campaign group

The M6 Toll road has been a costly failure, according to motoring group The Campaign for Better Transport.

It was intended to relieve congestion on the M6 through Birmingham, but the group claims that congestion is as bad as ever, with traffic that once used the M6 Toll returning to the main motorway route.
The group claims that the M6 Toll, Britain's only private motorway toll road, has more than doubled its charge per car from £2 to £5 with a string of above-inflation increases since it opened in 2003.

The 27-mile toll road is currently losing its owner Midland Expressway more than £25m a year, with peak usage having dropped by a third since 2006. Numbers hit a peak with major road works on the M6, but numbers have since slumped from 60,000 to 40,000 cars a day.

The Campaign for Better Transport is urging Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond to consider alternative ways to improve transport problems.
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