No oil paintings: are these the ugliest cars?

ugly cars

Here they are - five cars that should never have been allowed to see the light of day.

We know our picks will cause controversy, but these five cars all have one thing in common - they hurt our eyes!

Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we still think even these cars' mothers would find it hard to love them... Don't agree? Let us know by posting your comments at the end of this piece.

Fiat Multipla

It looked like the bonnet had been sat on by an elephant and boasted the aerodynamics of a shed, but even that didn't stop buyers giving the Multipla a home. We're sure that surprised even Fiat. Thing is, as a car it worked well – its three-in-the-front and three-in-the-back layout was unique, and the weird shape meant inside there was lots of room. It even drove surprisingly well. Shame they had to give it THAT face? This video shows how it can be improved...

SsangYong Rodius

There's simply no excuse for letting an automotive abomination of this magnitude out of a factory. Surely someone at the Ssangyong plant has eyes? Apparently not, considering this monstrosity made it into production. It's got a poor ride, appalling residuals, in fact the only thing going for it is the price – it's just about low enough for some buyers to consider it. We're unsure if a paper bag for your head comes as standard.

Suzuki X-90

If you gave a five-year-old the job of designing a 4x4, chances are it would end up looking like the hideous Suzuki X-90. With a boot that looks like a bonnet and bonnet that looks like a boot, the only reason we can think for it sporting a spoiler is so you can tell the front from the back! Needless to say buyers didn't take to the 'unique' looks and the X-90 flopped. Fortunately it didn't take Suzuki long to put it – and us – out of misery.

Ford Scorpio MKII

It's not often the Blue Oval gets it wrong – but with the MKII Scorpio it did in a big way! Slated by the press for its bulging bug eye headlights, Jeremy Clarkson said it was the car to end the argument as to which was 'the most ugliest of all'. Many were inclined to agree with him. Automotive motoring myth states the car was signed off by a retiring Ford executive from a third floor window... we don't know how true that is, but it'd certainly explain a lot!

Pontiac Aztec

This American bloater is so ugly it offends mirrors. Built on the other side of the pond, the scary Pontiac Aztec looks like some red necks have used the front bumper for target practice with gaping holes in all the wrong places and others filled in with poorly placed lights. Earlier this year Time magazine named it the 34th worst invention ever made. We can be thankful for one thing – it was only ever available in the States.

If you're a current owner of any of the above, it's unlikely you'll agree with our picks, but you really should know better! But if you don't agree with us, let us know which cars would top your list of ugly cars instead and why. We'll be watching with interest!

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