Brabus launches hyper-saloon for Apple addicts

Brabus has launched the fastest office this side of an executive jet with its new 'iBusiness' luxury saloon. Based on the Brabus SV12 R, the iBusiness is designed with die-hard Apple fans in mind.

It comes with two Apple iPads, an iPod touch, a 15-inch Mac display screen in the ceiling and a Mac Mini in the boot that controls the computer systems. As well as the usual movie watching and newspaper reading, the car's iPads also allow you to control the S Class-sourced COMAND information system.
The computers are connected to the internet through an HSDPA connection and come with USB ports built into the interior that will support peripherals such as webcams should you need to teleconference on the way to your next appointment.

The rear of the interior is designed with special brackets and storage areas to make sure that your Apple accessories don't suffer from 0-62mph time, which is dispatched in a mere 4 seconds.

The extreme pace comes from the 6.3-litre V12 engine, which produces 740bhp and 995lb ft, giving the car a restricted top speed of 211mph. A Brabus-designed carbon fibre bodykit, quad-exhaust system and a range of alloy wheels from 19-21 inches mean the car certainly looks the part.

Inside it's all business, with a bespoke full-leather interior and luxuries such as powered curtains for added privacy and a colour-changing lighting system to create 'a serene atmosphere'.

Whilst we can't see Sir Alan Sugar in the back of one of these – he's more of an Amstrad man, of course – Brabus will build an iBusiness to order for the captain of the technology industry willing to part with enough cash. No word on prices yet, but if you have to ask...
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