Video: GT5 adds karting to its long list of features

Watching footage from the much anticipated, much delayed Gran Turismo 5 is beginning to feel a little like reading car magazines when you're 14 years old. Polyphony, the games developer, has become a master at making us desire things we just can't have yet.

Nascar, WRC, the Top Gear track and a torrent of other seductive features have already been revealed, but last week the company sprung another surprise. As well as a plethora of grown up motorsports, GT5 will also include go-karting, the undisputed breeding ground for future champions.

It almost goes without saying that it looks great, and is yet another reason why we'll be at the front of the queue when the game actually gets an official release date. According to Polyphony this will definitely be sometime in November. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Click on the link below to watch the video.