Number plate change

Caroline Cassidy

If you're considering buying a brand new car, you may want to wait until the number plates change in September. Even if you're not lucky enough to afford a new model, you may still want to change the number plate on your car from time to time - to transfer an existing number to a new vehicle or perhaps you fancy a personalised plate. Whatever the reason you can be sure there is a procedure you have to follow...

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If you want to transfer a UK personal number plate then you need to use the DVLA number plate transfer form V317 "Transferring a Car Registration Number". Just pop along to your local DVLA office and pick up a V317 form from your local DVLA office. Complete the transfer (UK) form and take it back to the office or send it through to the DVLA with the following three documents:

The original Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5 / V5C) for both vehicles. If you've just acquired the vehicle the instructions on the V317 form will guide you on the alternative documentation

The original MOT certificate for each vehicle if it requires one. The car may not be old enough to need an MOT certificate

A photocopy of vehicle licence discs (tax discs). The DVLA requests the disc expiry date and serial number. However, it's best to enclose a photocopy to be on the safe side. Whatever you do don't send the original tax disc, as you will need this while your number plate transfer is being processed.

If you want to get a personalised number plate on your vehicle then you can do so through the DVLA, there are also a number of companies that can do this for you. Prices with the DVLA start from around £250.00 and can run to thousands for a desirable number. The price should include the £80.00 assignment fee and VAT. This means there is nothing else to pay except for the costs of having the plates made up.

Remember, you can't make your vehicle look newer than it is. Your reg number will have to be appropriate to the age of the vehicle. Each registration has an issue date and this is what you need to check to ensure you aren't making your vehicle appear newer than it is.

After you've made a purchase you should be sent a Certificate of Entitlement (V750). This is the form you will need when you are ready to put your personalised registration mark onto your vehicle.

You will then need to apply to your local DVLA office. You can do so in person or by post, although during busy times you may have to collect your documentation later. The reverse of your certificate will list the documents you will need to accompany your application.

You should remember that the purchaser of the vehicle registration mark will need to sign section 1 of the V750. The V750 has recently been revised. If you have an older style certificate you should complete section 4.