World's most expensive golf cart takes to the road

A street-legal version of the world's most expensive golf cart could be about to make its debut in the UK.

According to the Telegraph, the Garia LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) has been given permission to drive on the nation's roads. The manufacturer made headlines last year when its Soleil de Minuit limited edition cart received a $52,000 price tag.

The LSV is an upgraded version of Garia's 'standard' golf car which gains side mirrors, seat belts and license plate holders. The company claims the cart is capable of 25mph thanks to its 4hp electric motor.
The road-legal version is currently only available in the US, where Garia is competing in the market for NEVs or Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles.

"The Garia LSV is ideal for shorter trips and recreational purposes and it is possible to drive directly from your home to, for example, the golf course. This is something many people will appreciate." says Anders Lynge, Creative Director and designer of the Garia.

The cart, unveiled at this year's Geneva motor show, is built at the Valmet Automotive Factory in Finland, which also has contracts with electric car makers, Think and Fisker. The drivetrain is built by the same Italian company that produces Ducati motorcycle gearboxes.

The Garia features double-wishbone front suspension - a setup you'd normally find under a sports car with track ambitions - and hydraulic brakes for a decent stopping distance on the putting green.

Other luxuries include a cast aluminium steering wheel, water-resistant hand stitched seats, digital instrumentation layout and a refrigerator built into the dashboard.

You can even log onto the Garia Design Center website and personalise your cart with a staggering amount of colour and upholstery options.

There's a productive use for your lunch hour then.

To see a video of the standard cart, click below.
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