Monster Beijing traffic jam stretches back to Inner Mongolia

You'd think living and working in the capital would prepare you for congestion anywhere in the world, but apparently Autoblog UK's collective commute pales into comparison with the drive into Beijing at the moment.

Thanks to roadworks on the main north-south motorway, the queue into the city stretches back an astonishing 60 miles. Trucks carrying goods into the Chinese capital are joining the rear of the monster queue in Inner Mongolia, and take days to reach their destination.
Unsurprisingly, the jam has generated its own (decidedly capitalist) economy, with food, water and cigarettes traded up and down the blocked lanes of traffic.

There are widespread reports of goods being sold to the stranded drivers at a massive premium as they struggle to cover 2 miles a day in the worst sections of the queue.

Crime is also a feature of the world's longest traffic jam, with theft of fuel and cash a mounting problem.

The roadworks causing all the problems are part of a major Chinese effort to expand the capacity of its road network after the country became the biggest car market on the globe this year.
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