Autumn fashion trends

Caroline Cassidy

It seems like the summer is only half way through and retailers are already filling the shelves with autumn and winter collections. Coats and knitwear might be the last thing on your mind but before you know it you'll be all wrapped up for the cold again. Here are some pointers on the hottest trends for the coming months.

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The trench coat is a classic that never really goes out of fashion and should be a fixture of every women's' wardrobe. Your trench coat should always be black and you'll find that it goes with with everything. The best ones should be tight fitting around the waist and should finish slightly above or below the knee.

Avoid trench coats that skirt out quite significantly, as this can look quite Victorian and a little unflattering.

Black is once again a dominant colour in autumn/winter collections. This season it makes a bold statement against many of the bright colour schemes on show. Although top to toe black outfits are available now it might be best to pick pieces rather than whole outfits, unless they are perfectly tailored.

Short strap bags will take over the high street so ditch the cross-body or shoulder bags. Small, structured bags will be the order of the day.

This winter is all about embracing the female form. You will spot lots of nipped in waists, calf-length skirts and delicate knits. Small bags can be combined with elbow-length gloves.

Monochrome is another theme this season. The trend is for bold statements rather than subtle blends. Try hound's-tooth or black and white stripes.

Camel is probably going to be the must have colour this winter. You should try camel trousers, knits and coats. In fact you can't go wrong with anything camel coloured this season.

How about a cape? The movies are full of vampires and the fashion world has been quick to follow with a whole range of classic capes. They are functional and flattering, so you can't go wrong.

Sheepskin - think Arthur Daley. This winter it's all about the sheepskin jacket. Combine with anything and everything.

Shoes- square toes are in and points are out. Even rounded toes are a non-starter because the trendiest footwear shape this season is square.

Footwear should also be covered with cute accessories including bows and buckles this autumn. Try buckles if you want a statement and bows if you want pretty.

Drop the drainpipes, wide or boot cut trousers are in. Combine with polo necks and as an alternative to skirts/dresses.