Whitmarsh: McLaren must be 'creative' to win title


McLaren needs to get creative if it is to claw back its lead in the 2010 world championships, according to boss Martin Whitmarsh.

With clearly the faster car, Red Bull has taken over at the top of the points tables, but McLaren's Lewis Hamilton is only 4 points shy of leader Mark Webber.

In recent weeks, Woking based McLaren has been working on emulating Red Bull's blown floor concept, but Whitmarsh said the team's engineers also need to be more creative during the ongoing development of the MP4-25.

"We have not suspended the diffuser project, but we hope to invent something new," he is quoted by Autosprint magazine.

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Creativity is at the heart of the current front wing flexibility controversy, with Red Bull expecting to pass even the more stringent scrutineering tests at Spa-Francorchamps next weekend.

Whitmarsh said McLaren has an understanding about the regulations that may not be shared by some of its competitors. "The FIA needs to make this area absolutely clear," he said.

"If clarity does not come, we too can become very inventive and creative," the Briton is quoted as saying.

Hamilton would be leading title under old points system

If the 2009 points system was applied to this season's results so far, Mark Webber would not be leading the world championship.

For 2010, the scoring positions were extended from eighth to tenth, while the winner is now awarded 25 points, rather than the 10 handed out in 2009 and earlier.

The intention was to better reward actual winning rather than mere point-scoring consistency.

Indeed, after the first 12 races of 2010, Lewis Hamilton - who has won twice in 2010 - would be the drivers' title leader if the 2009 system was still in place.

Instead, it is Red Bull's Webber in charge of the standings, having won more grands prix (4) than any other driver so far.