Spanish authorities clamp down on speeding holidaymakers

One of the pleasures of driving a UK registered car on the continent is that you can do so safe in the knowledge that a speeding fine isn't going to drop through your letter box two weeks later.

Foreign plates are like Kryptonite to speed cameras, and just as the British police can't trace a supercar from Saudi, their European colleagues can't track down a Fiesta from Basildon.

However, faced with an annual invasion of foreign cars, the Spanish authorities have decided to crack down on holiday drivers by installing a new breed of roadside cameras at tourist resorts which send a picture of speeding cars to patrol cars via wifi.
If officers catch up with the offending motorist they are empowered to hand out on-the-spot fines of up to £500. If the driver fails to produce the money, the police are likely to immobilise the car.

The Spanish equivalent of the DVLA insists this is not a witch-hunt against British drivers – although some of the places covered by the cameras are popular with ex-pats who still drive UK cars – but freely admits it is a response to foreign nationals not receiving speeding fines.

The cameras have been installed in four areas in the Costas, including Alicante and Murcia. You have been warned.
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