Video: Suzuki Kizashi cracks 200mph at Bonneville

Nic Cackett

One of the things we love about cars is the endless scope for modifications. There's something comforting in the fact that whatever make and model you own, someone somewhere has figured out a way to make it go a whole lot faster than the manufacturer intended.

All that's required is a little time and money (or a lot of both) and you really can turn your humble hatchback into giant killer. It's in this spirit that we bring you the Suzuki Kizashi built by the team at American magazine, Road and Track.

We don't get the Kizashi on these shores at the moment so we can't speak from personal experience, but we fairly sure that even Suzuki would concede it's no firebreather. That is until you rebuild the engine with a colossal turbocharger to boost power to 514bhp from the usual 182. That was enough to push the car to a 202mph record in its category at the Bonneville Speed Week. That's the same top speed as the new Ferrari 458 Italia.

Click below to see the video.