Public backs in-car smoking ban

The majority of people want smoking in a car when a child is present banned according to research by the UK's Faculty of Public Health.

The study showed that 74 percent of people asked would like to see smoking banned in cars with children in. The practice is already illegal in company cars.
"The smoking ban in public places in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England was partly introduced because of the strong public support for action," said John Middleton, FPH's vice president.

"There seems to be a similar mood for change now, which the coalition government should take heed of and push through other important legislation that will make a difference to Britain's health."

The report accompanying the survey of 3,000 respondents says that the levels of second hand smoke in a car can be 27 times higher than in a smoker's home. The health issue is likely to counter any accusation that the government is intruding on a 'private space'.

Those surveyed also thought that the issue was the second most important of eleven discussed in the survey. Others include making two hours of sport a week compulsory in schools and introducing an opt-out system for organ donation.
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