Electric Kia Pop to head to Paris

It might look like a TV on wheels for someone with a cricked neck, but this weird machine is Kia's new electric concept car, and it will be causing lots of people to tilt their heads at next month's Paris motor show.

Drunken angles are what this little car – it's just three metres long, or the same length as a Toyota iQ – seems to be all about, the front bench seat angled so that a small third rear seat can be stuffed behind the front passenger.
Sitting behind the steering wheel so that you're facing towards the front corner of the car is maybe how you get the cricked neck...

The POP is electrically driven and battery-powered, and therefore zero emission on the move. There's no word on how fast it is or how far it will go on a single battery charge, but 100 miles is a typical range for electric cars at the moment, and that would suit its commuter role.

The POP has a glass roof, an interior trimmed in purple and clamshell-like doors which appear to be hinged from the same angle as the windscreen. The result is a very dramatic-looking city car – a lot more dramatic than the Picanto, which is Kia's smallest model today.

It would certainly turn heads – and twist them – if it went into production, though this is probably no more than a heavy hint that Kia is considering an electric city car.
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