Video: Eight spectators killed in California as truck hits race crowd

Eight people were killed when a truck crashed into the crowd at an off road race in Southern California this weekend.

The accident occurred just after the start of the California 200 race through the Mojave desert as the first twenty vehicles cleared a jump known as "the rockpile".

According to eye witness accounts the driver of the off-road truck lost control of the vehicle on landing and rolled into the crowd.

As well as the eight fatalities, twelve people were injured, several of them seriously. A least one person was pinned under the truck as flipped onto its roof.

Photographer David Conklin told reporters: "When I got up to the vehicle I could tell that several people were trapped. There were just bodies everywhere."

"One woman with a major head wound [was] lying in a pool of blood. Another was crushed beneath the car."

Reports suggest it took half an hour for rescue vehicles to arrive at the scene due to the remote location of the race. Six people died at the scene.

The driver of the truck was unhurt in the crash, but reportedly fled the scene of the accident after some spectators became angry in the accident's aftermath. He has not yet been charged with anything.

Thousands of people attend the California 200, which includes numerous jumps and obstacles, but the crowd was allowed to stand within three metres of the track without the protection of speed barriers.

The Californian Highway Patrol is investigating the crash with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Land Management.
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