Dead hedgehog fails to stop 'mad' yellow line painting

A squished hedgehog wasn't going to stand in the way of determined yellow line painters in Hartlepool - they just carried straight over the flattened animal.

Rather than move him to one side, tight deadlines before the Tall Ship Race festival being held in the town meant that the dead animal ended up with a yellow line daubed across his belly.

Allison Hart,37, who took the picture on her mobile phone, said: "It's unbelievable. The whole town went double yellow line mad for the Tall Ships. Someone walking with a liner went over the hedgehog with yellow paint.

"They knocked on people's doors to get them to move their cars, but whoever did this didn't even ask for a shovel to move the poor hedgehog. All they had to do is kick it to one side. It's shocking really."

Picture credit: PA

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