Oxford's last remaining speed cameras catch 110 drivers in five days

Drivers in Oxford have apparently returned to 'their law-breaking ways' after the council switched off all its speed cameras earlier this month.

That's according to The Independent, which has seen the results of a five-day test period where two fixed speed camera on the A44 remained operational after the switch-off occurred.

The newspaper reported that on Woodstock Road, a 'busy thoroughfare' heading towards Oxford town centre, 110 motorists were snapped doing more 35mph.
The drivers won't face prosecution, but for The Independent the results 'prove' that with the Gatso cameras out of action, people will simply ignore the speed limit.

But consider the results from the other side of the coin for a moment.

It took the cameras a whole working week to catch 110 motorists driving into a major city on a busy A-road. Five days and five nights of summer holiday traffic, and the Gatsos didn't catch enough people to fill a pub.

We don't know the A44, but we're willing to bet that thousands of motorists used that road during the allotted period, and all the results prove for certain is that almost all of them were still abiding by the 30mph speed limit even though they believed the cameras had been switched off.

Of course the fact that the vast majority of people drove at a reasonable speed whether they thought they were being watched or not isn't much of story if all you're interested in is endorsing the knee-jerk reactions of road safety campaigners.
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