Hellmund claims Texan F1 track will be "Amazing"

Stephan Heublein

United States Grand Prix promoter Tavo Hellmund remains supremly confident that he deliver on his promise to build the country's first purpose-built Formula One facility to host the race from 2012, after unveiling the identity of the project's primary financial supporter recently. Hellmund's plans have been steeped in scepticism since a surprise ten-year deal was announced by Bernie Ecclestone in May, but the Formula One paddock is slowly being won over by the Texan with just 22 months to go before its expected debut on the calendar.

The layout of the circuit has not yet been revealed, but speaking to the official Formula One website in a recent interview, Hellmund says the design will be presented to the FIA in September, with construction at the newly-announced site at Wandering Creek on the outskirts of Austin due to begin in November or December. When asked what the circuit would look like, Hellmund responded: "Amazing!