Video: Coulthard hits 160mph on Isle of Man in Merc SLS

Nic Cackett

You got to hand it to Mercedes; when it's got a supercar to promote it doesn't do things by half.

Where Ferrari, Lamborghini and, to a lesser extent, Porsche let the product do the talking, Mercedes has gone to the trouble of taking two SLS AMGs out to the Isle of Man, plonking them on a closed road and propping F1 legend David Coulthard behind the wheel. Then hiring a helicopter to shoot the whole thing. In 3D.

Apparently the whole thing will be shown on Sky's 3D pub broadcasts this weekend (neatly coinciding with the restart of the Premiership season). Here's a little taster of the 160mph action, including a video of one lucky fan's ride-along. Mercedes, we salute you.

Click below to watch.