Stay safe on the road with Axa

Lucky you if you got through 3 September without a hitch. Apparently it's now the most dangerous day on the roads.

According to insurers AXA, that was the day drivers were most likely to have a prang this summer after their research showed that 36 per cent of summer accidents happened on the Friday after the August Bank Holiday.
"We would urge people travelling to take every care to prepare properly and drive safely," said Craig Staniland from AXA Car Insurance.

"The majority of accidents are down to driver error. A bit of planning can mitigate some of those pressures and make it a safer journey for everyone."

To help keep you safe on the roads, AXA has come up with five top tips for safer driving. These include:

1. Plan your route – unfamiliar roads are one of the biggest distractions for drivers.
2. Use traffic jam spotting technology or listen to the radio to avoid queues. Many prangs occur in slow moving traffic.
3. Plan a break. As the road signs say, tiredness can kill – so make sure you make time to stop and relax on the way.
4. Make sure your car is safe to drive. Inspecting tyre pressures, tread depth, as well as oil and water levels are the very basics.
5. Entertain the kids. A portable DVD player or travel Scrabble will do the job – just make sure they're not distracting the driver.

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