Quit the rat race, become a koala catcher

How long have you been sat within the same four walls today? Did you even bother to go outside for a lunch break? And if you did it's pretty much guaranteed that the grey skies didn't do much to cheer you up. Most people at some point in their lives have considered packing it all in and moving abroad and the South Australian government are offering the perfect opportunity to young British workers.

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With no experience required at all, you could become a koala catcher, shark tagger, penguin home remodeller or beer taster.

South Australian officials are advertising these jobs to give young Brits an idea of the kind of life they could be living down under. Instead of grey skies and office blocks, they could be doing exciting work in the sun, or as South Australia describes it, experiencing the "ultimate work-life balance".

They also claim that 60 per cent of Brits are bored in their jobs, with 75 per cent of workers never leaving their office during the day. Who wouldn't want to ditch that lifestyle for one of the crazy careers offered by South Australia?

Koala catchers are needed to keep the population down around Adelaide, shark taggers are needed to survey the shark population in Port Lincoln and penguin home remodellers are needed to preserve the habitat of fairy penguins on Kangaroo Island near Adelaide.

These are just a few of the bizarre-sounding jobs that really could be available to 18-30 year old Brits, and the South Australian government are hoping to bring young workers into the country on Working Holiday Visas with the possibility of permanent residence.

Australian agent general in the UK Bill Muirhead said: "This isn't about one job that everyone has to compete for, but rather about showing people that South Australia offers more exciting work and travel options than anywhere else in the world."

Would you be prepared to leave your life in Britain to work with sharks and koalas? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.
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