Video: Police struggle to drive impounded Lambo

Tom Webster

The Metropolitan police had a slightly embarrassing moment after they impounded this matte pink Lamborghini LP670 SV a couple of weeks back.

The car was pulled over after a supposed case of mistaken identity when someone revved loudly on Sloane Street, but the keys were then taken off the owner when he failed to provide the appropriate documents for his Qatar-registered supercar.

Sadly, with a crowd already in place thanks to the exotic supercar metal on display, the policeman tasked with driving the Lambo to the lock-up failed to get it going for a few excruciating minutes. Clearly the Murcielago is a different prospect to your average panda car. After a couple of false starts, he finally gets the car off and leaves the scene almost as noisily as the owner arrived.

Click below to watch the two videos.