Webber intends to win a few more races in 2010

Stephan Heublein

Mark Webber's victory in Hungary has taken him to the top of the drivers' standings. With seven races left on the calendar, the Red Bull driver has a four-point lead over McLaren's Lewis Hamilton. Webber is feeling confident about the rest of the season, because he is convinced that the RB6 can be fast on any circuit. "Singapore, Suzuka, Brazil and Abu Dhabi should be good tracks for us. We're a bit concerned about Monza, because the long straights may suit the opposition," explains Webber.

After the summer break, the first big challenge will be the Belgian Grand Prix. "It would be nice to win Spa, Suzuka and a few other victories this year, and along with that hopefully comes something special," says Webber on the official Red Bull website. "But we need to focus on being consistent. On some tracks where we're not quite there - or I'm not quite there - we've had a few hiccups, but you need perfect weekends to win at this level.

"And of course, Sebastian and I have been pushing each other pretty hard. To beat each other, you need to get everything right." The Australian is well satisfied with his season so far: "I have a few of my goals already in the pocket this year, which is sensational. But we have some great races coming up in the future which would be great to win. Every race is worth 25 points and we need to perform everywhere. If we can do that, you never know what can happen at the end of the year."