Presents for petrol heads

What do you get for a petrol-head on their birthday? No need to worry, there are plenty of gifts to please your loved one who has a weakness for big toys. From hovercraft to Ferraris there is something to please even the pickiest of auto addicts. Check out our top ten guide to gifts for petrol-heads.

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You may know them best from childhood trips to the Isle of Wight but what would it be like to drive one? Hovercraft are very difficult to manoeuvre and getting to grips with them is a real challenge. The good news is that if you treat someone to a session at the helm of one of these machines you can be sure it's safe and fun. The package includes trying your hand racing against other novices. You will enjoy a couple of hours in charge but be prepared to get wet and have lots of fun.
Price £199

Lewis Hamilton's McLaren MP4-22, by Mattel. The toy company has produced a 1/18-scale diecast model of the Mercedes-powered McLaren MP4/22. It is 25cm long and reports are that it outsells other models by a factor of about 10.
Price: £44.99

Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire provides the ideal off-roading location with tracks to suit all standards of driver. You will learn to use the gears of your vehicle to slow down as you negotiate the steep descents, mud and rivers. The instructors make sure you stay safe and within your limits.
Price £141

Fancy a go on the skid pan? Ford Mondeos and Focuses are fitted with special cradles that reduce the grip of the tyres to varying degrees to represent a range of driving conditions including rain, snow or ice. There are also obstacle courses with cones representing real people you have to avoid.
Price £99

It's a petrol head's dream to drive expensive, fast cars around a racing track. Getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes SLK and then a Ferrari 360 Modena you won't be disappointed. The Ferrari is capable of 0 to 100mph in just 8.8sec Drive a single seater at a heart-pumping 110mph and finish with a trip with one of the instructors.
Price £339

If you would like to try something really different then how about driving a JCB? It's not for speed freaks but racing your fellow competitors around a very muddy track and performing tricky tasks such as picking up cones will be more than demanding enough in one of these beats.
Price £105

Roadpilot Microgo. Ever looked at the dial and found you're exceeding the speed limit? The Roadpilot is a tiny device that uses the satnav basics to tell you when you're speeding or approaching a speed camera position. It's pre-loaded with camera locations, speed limits, congestion zone areas, toll roads and accident black spots.
Price £79.95

Every petrol-head wants to fly a jet. Well, with the Flight Simulator Experience you can. At least this cuts out the danger and fear of heights. It feels just like the real thing too.
Price £130 – 300

9 How about helicopter flight? Helicopter Flight Experiences make for a fantastic gift. Take in the views and enjoy the chance to pilot a helicopter yourself for a once in a lifetime experience
Price £180 – 729

A Tank Driving Experience day is perfect as a birthday gift for a petrol-head. Tanks aren't fast but who cares, the sheer power easily makes up for that. It's not for the faint hearted and you need confidence to really get the most out of the day. Train how to drive a tank in safety.
Price £59 - £249.95