Briatore tips Webber for title

Stephan Heublein

Flavio Briatore may be out of Formula One now, but the former Renault team principal is still happy to share his opinions about the sport. And he has one very clear championship favourite. "Watch out! Webber is on the way to winning the title," says Briatore in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport. "Mark's victory in Hungary was phenomenal."

There may be an element of self-interest in Briatore's insight, as his management company has Webber as one of its clients. "But that's not the only reason I'm backing him," stresses Briatore. "I'm only saying what everyone can see from their living room. Webber has matured over the years and become much more focused. In Hungary, he clearly understood that he was taking a big risk by covering three-quarters of the distance on soft tyres. But that gamble won him the race. It showed how much he is using his brain - compared with many of the other drivers out there."