Gran Turismo 5 special edition to cost £150

We might not know exactly when Gran Turismo 5 is going to be released, but we do at least know how much the fanatics will have to shell out for the limited edition 'Signature' version – a whopping 180 Euros or about £150.

For that you get a branded Mercedes SLS AMG model, a wallet and key fob, a USB stick, a coffee-table book, and six 'stealth' cars in the game including a Merc SLS and a McLaren F1. All for about half the price of the games console you'll be playing it on.You also get entered into a draw to win a real Mercedes SLS AMG, but if that is your motivation then £150 asking price makes those competitions in airport departure lounges look cheap.

If that is all too expensive, then there is also the collector's edition, which weighs in at a still pricey 80 Euros, or about £66.

Frustratingly there is no notice on when the fantastically expensive editions will hit the shelves in the UK, or the regular versions either for that matter. We'll keep waiting and let you know when we do.
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