Warwick would have shown Schumacher black flag

Stephan Heublein

Derek Warwick was the former racing driver selected to advise the stewards in their deliberations last Sunday. And after the race, he expressed the firm view that Michael Schumacher should have been shown the black flag for his blocking manoeuvre against Rubens Barrichello.

"But when we received the video evidence, it was too late and we had to impose a post-race penalty instead," he said in an interview on BBC Radio Five Live Breakfast. Although Schumacher published an apology on his website the following day, Warwick was disappointed by the manner in which the German driver sought to defend his action in TV interviews conducted immediately after the race.

"He could have been disqualified for the next one or even two Grands Prix," added Warwick. "However, we decided that a ten-place penalty on the grid for Spa was probably enough. Hopefully, he'll learn from this incident that the stewards simply won't tolerate driving behaviour of this sort."