New super camera set for European streets

The UK's motorists might be celebrating the apparent decline of speed cameras due to financial constraints, but in Europe drivers could be set to face the next generation of traffic monitoring equipment.

A new 'super camera' is being installed in Geneva which is reputedly capable of not only recording speeding offences, but also picking up on cars that run red lights, those that tailgate, or not give way to pedestrians and much more besides.
The Trafistar SR590 is said to be able to monitor the speed of 22 cars simultaneously over 500m. It is able to recognise and record the contravention of up to ten different road rules at once.

The camera, made by Swiss company Multanova, uses two different lenses in the same box – one to record a wide-angle image of the driving offence and one to record a close up of the driver. Geneva is the first city to trial the technology, with Lausanne set to follow.

Let's keep fingers crossed that we don't see this breed of super camera heading over to the UK. Although if it were to, with just the one device needed, it would at least help cut down on the large amount of cameras on the streets. That's the one silver lining we could think of.
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