Doctors call for helmets to be made compulsory for quad bike riders

The law should be changed to make people who ride quad bikes on the road wear crash helmets, according to the medical profession.

Road-legal quad bikes can be capable of speeds up to 90mph, but despite several high profile accidents there is no plan to change legislation to make the wearing of protective gear compulsory.

The president of the College of Emergency Medicine, Dr John Heyworth told the BBC: "We know from experience that head injuries are the biggest killer in (quad bike) accidents.

"So for goodness sake let's protect these riders. It's a simple bit of protection for them that will save lives."

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning promised to keep the matter under review, but for now the government will only advise quad bike riders to wear helmets.

While no official figures are compiled on the sale of the machines, road-legal quad bikes are believed to have enjoyed a significant rise in popularity.

Despite not handling much like a car or a bike, riders of the four-wheeled vehicles are not required to pass a separate test – a full driver's license is considered sufficient to run a quad bike on the road.

Rik Mayall and Ozzy Osbourne have both suffered near fatal crashes in the last few years.
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