Children's toys to take on holiday

The most stressful part of taking a holiday can be keeping the kids amused on a long journey. Whether you're boarding a plane, train or spending hours stuck in the car, stress levels can hit the roof when the little ones get bored. The trick is to have plenty of toys to keep little travellers amused. Take a look at our top ten selection of boredom busting travel toys for kids.

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Car Valet and Travel Bag. This child's briefcase unzips to become a foldout desk, complete with tray, removable zipped pouches for crayons and pens. There are even some pockets for small toys, drinks and snacks.
Price £24.95

Squeaky dinosaur fabric book. Your kids can take the dinosaur on an adventure through volcanoes, mountains and woodlands courtesy of this great soft storybook by The Little Baby Company. It includes 6 dino-characters, some of which make a squeaking sound. The best part is that the book folds out into a landscape. Comes complete with a coordinated storage bag.
Price £19.95

Zoolio Rainforest activity book. Learn about butterflies, zip up frogs' mouths and twirl toucans' beaks in this magical rainforest from Lula Sapphire. There are 6 different activity panels in this book made up of multiple fabrics, so your little one will find a hidden surprise on every page.
Price £11.95

Heads and Tails vintage card game. This is a classic and something of a trip down memory lane for mums and dads. It revives an age-old favourite for a new generation. Complete with vintage illustrations, this wonderful game is certain to get little brains active and imaginations stirring.
Price £2.95

Woodland interactive snail. Your little one can pull the blue butterfly that sits on the snail's back and start the fun with this charming toy from Marks and Spencer. It jiggles around and has hidden gems inside which your baby can discover. Also attached is a handy, soft teether and a baby-safe mirror.
Price £15

Bumper book guard. Strap it to a pram, pushchair or baby carrier and it will help your baby conjure up an adventure all their own. The beeping sounds are great and will keep little ones amused for ages. There are also rattles and a mirror on this soft storybook by Mamas and Papas.
Price £12

Miracle Scarf. Entertain your little one and keep them snug with this soft scarf from Cheeky Rascals. Discover rattles, soft, removable toys and allsorts to pull and play with while on your travels.

Sticker Set Play Scene. Hard-backed picture boards with carrying handles comes complete with 50 re-usable and detailed vinyl stickers that allows your child to create countless scenes of pirouetting ballerinas or airport terminals.
Price: £8

Singing Kettle Music CDs
. Forget the usual children's tunes which can wear a bit thin on long journeys. These songs from Scottish group Singing Kettle include Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus and will make your holiday travels a lot more fun.
Price: £10

I Spy game. It's usually the last resort to wile away those travel hours but this game will encourage your child to keep an eye open for all the things that'll pass by on your trip. Have hours of fun with the I Spy game by Fiesta Crafts. Spot the bus, plane or sheep and place on the magnetic board.
Price £9.99