Video: DIRT 3 trailer revealed

We'd be lying if we said DIRT 3 was our most anticipated race title of the year (that honour inevitably goes to the much-delayed Gran Turismo 5) but the latest evolution of the game which started life as Colin McRae Rally is still very high up on our Christmas list.

DIRT 2 (which still bore the McRae name in Europe) was a fine effort, even if the game's focus had shifted from unadulterated rallying to the stateside influence of X Games regulars Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Tanner Foust and Dave Mirra.

DIRT 3's British developer, Codemasters, has already confessed it probably ought to be 'flying the flag a bit more' but the first trailer's gymkhana ending doesn't leave us in much hope for hard Scottish accents and lonely forest stages. Looks good though.

Click below to watch the video.
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