Absurdonomics: squirrel profiteering

AOL Money Staff

Analysing the financial impact of the week's weirdest news stories.

"Absurdonomics" is the theory, recently coined by yours truly, that states the best place to look for financial tips is in the murky depths of weird news, dubious headlines and poorly-sourced Internet conspiracy theories.

As the editor of Asylum, a site where tales of the freakish outdo important breaking news every time, I feel qualified to make that analysis.

Last week in this column I made my first set of market predictions based on that week's strangest tales. After a donkey was forced to parasail in Russia I bet on the recreational marine industry receiving a mindshare bump; as the world's strongest beer was unveiled I bet over 3 million quid on headache pill sales soaring, and when some cows attempted to escape their slaughterhouse I bet on the collapse of the dairy industry.

Continue reading to see how I got on, and to read my three weird predictions for this week. If you want to learn how to earn big off the boom in squirrel meat sales, you'll make sure to do just that.