Road rage claims 800 lives a year

As many as 800 lives could be lost on the roads each year due to road rage or disrespectful driving according to a survey by insurers AXA.

The nationwide survey suggests that 35 percent of drivers involved in a crash that resulted in an injury or fatality felt frightened or angered by another driver's actions in the moments before the crash.AXA says that its research shows that, as well as the lives, as much as £945m could be saved if the UK's drivers cut out road rage.

More than 20 percent of the drivers that were involved in an accident where road rage played a part said that the inconsiderate driving had come in the form of speeding, another 20 percent said it was through ignoring road signs and almost a quarter noted other motorists driving erratically.

Of those asked, 79 percent of drivers felt British drivers are disrespectful to others, while 52 percent feel they have been the victim of road rage that involved aggression and shouting rather than just a beep of the horn. Tellingly though, only 6 percent of those asked confessed to having been disrespectful to another driver in the moments before an accident.
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