Fiat makes the 500 marginally manlier with Blackjack edition

After the eyeball assaulting Barbie-esque limited edition 500 Pink, Fiat is attempting to appeal to another area of its young target audience with the new Blackjack version.

According to the company, the name was chosen to reinforce the 'irreverent and mysterious' nature of the car. It is based on the Sport trim level, comes with a blackboard-esque matt black paint job, 16-inch black alloys and metallic door mirrors and handles.The 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre petrol engines are the two choices under the bonnet. The larger engine also comes with red brake callipers to complete the look.

Like the 500 Pink, the 200 Blackjack editions will only be sold via Fiat's website, and will cost £12,165 for the 1.2 and £13,565 for the 1.4-litre version. Fiat has promised to release several more limited editions this year to join the Pink and Blackjack.

If the 500 Blackjack is not hardcore, or expensive, enough for Fiat fans then news that the Abarth-made Tribuno Ferrari limited edition will be made available to UK buyers will surely be of interest.

The £30,000 edition was not originally going to make it to these shores, but Fiat's UK operation has managed to secure 152 right-hand drive models for special order only.

The 695 Tributo Ferrari gets the same turbocharged 1.4-litre engine as the standard Abarth, but comes with the Essesse performance kit fitted as standard, boosting the power to around 180bhp.

Naturally it is only available in red, and gets upgraded brakes and suspension along with Ferrari-style alloy wheels. Performance tyres and a variable exhaust that changes the noise when the engine goes past 3000rpm complete the expensive package.

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