Drivers face £200 fine for encroaching on Olympic lanes

A set of special 'Olympic' lanes have been drawn up for the 2012 Games in and around London, and drivers could face a steep penalty if they stray into them.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has proposed that anyone who drives in the lanes which are designed to get competitors to events as quickly as possible will be subject to fines that are "higher by a clear margin to distinguish them from present levels." It has suggested a level of £200 to the capital's normal level of £120.
The same early-payment discount that is available on London's current charges would also apply, but this would be limited to 50 percent so those who drive in the lanes would still be liable for a £100 penalty.

As with the current bus lane charges, exemptions would be made for instances when drivers have to enter a Games lane because of an accident or similar extenuating circumstances.

The organisers considered introducing a scheme where different charges were applied in different areas, with steeper fines were applicable in areas more important to the smooth running of the Games. An escalating system was also considered, where repeat offenders would be subjected to increasing fines, but both of these ideas were scrapped because of the extra administration involved.

The lanes will only be in operation for the duration of the Olympics, and the organisers insist that all roads will have reverted to normal five days after the end of the Paralympic Games. It has also been suggested that penalties for parking offences could rise around the time of the games, especially in close vicinity of tube stations.
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