Latest Renault advert rankles Lancashire village

Renault has managed to irritate the residents of a small village in Lancashire by comparing it unfavourably to the Cote d'Azure.

The latest advertising campaign for the Renault Megane bears the slogan "can a car change a town?" and suggests that the lack of Meganes in Gisburn, Lancashire, is to blame for its dowdy image compared to the south of France.The adverts cut between the glamour of the French coast (a swimming pool, fancy restaurants, designer heels etc) and the supposedly dowdy Lancashire village (puddles, park benches, slippers).

Gisburn residents have not reacted favourably to the campaign, telling The Telegraph they felt the campaign was 'disgusting'.

Olivia Lord, 26, said: "It could put people who see the advert off coming to Gisburn, which will damage trade. Megane should have considered the possible after affects on the village more carefully.

However, not everyone has reacted badly to the campaign, which will follow a character driving his Megane from Menton to Gisburn, bringing some of the car's 'glamour' to the northern village. The idea is that the locals are not keen on the car, but change their mind once they have driven it.

Barry Jones, joint-landlord of the local White Bull pub, said: "It's a humorous campaign. As it develops the idea is to "Frenchify" the village.

"It's a bit of mockery, dealing with nobody liking the French but having a test-drive in the car, and deciding it may be French but it's OK, and that they are all right really."

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