Budget beauty tips

Caroline Cassidy

We all want to look great but some of the cosmetics that help us look our brilliant best can be costly. The truth is that sometimes our bank accounts just won't let us have them. If you're watching the pennies but still want to look a million dollars help is at hand. Keeping your beauty routine doesn't have to cost the earth. You can still enjoy a touch of glamour with our top ten budget beauty tips.

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Don't discard your favourite nail varnish just because it is getting too thick, add a drop of nail polish remover to the bottle and shake well.

If your mascara starts to run dry, put the tube into a cup of boiling water and soak for a couple of minutes. This cost saver will give you at least another week of life from your mascara.

Use a brush rather than a sponge to apply foundation. A sponge will soak up too much and a brush also has a much better finish.

A quality facial moisturiser can be wasted if you have dry skin. The trick is to remove all traces of dryness and flakiness by using a scrub first. Your skin will look much better, and moisturiser will last a lot longer.

Eye shadow can double up as eyeliner when applied with a cotton bud. Dampen the end of the bud first for a stronger effect.

Olive oil is not just a great addition for the kitchen it can work wonders as a beauty treatment. Try rubbing nightly into your nails, it will help them grow longer and is far cheaper than shop-bought manicure oils.

Another use for olive oil is to add a few drops of your favourite eaude toilette to some. It can then be used as scented bath oil. Olive oil is also a great skin softener when added to your bath water.

To keep your body feeling smooth and silky you don't have to spend a bundle on an exotic exfoliator. Mix an eggcup of olive oil with a tablespoon of sugar to make a great body scrub. Rinse off with shower gel.

Make powder eye shadow last longer by dusting eyelids with a translucent powder first. It'll take out the oils from your skin, and keep your make-up looking fresh.

Toner can be replaced by witch hazel. This can be used full strength too. You can also rinse with cider vinegar after cleansing; it's great for balancing out the ph of your skin.