Nissan and Chevrolet edge industry closer to electric revolution

With the first generation of electric cars are creeping ever closer, Nissan and Chevrolet have both made announcements which reveal more about the buying and ownership experience customers are likely to get if they choose to invest in the new technology.

Nissan has confirmed that it will be offering an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery in the US version of the Leaf.
This means it has a longer warranty than most cars, beating the seven-year cover from Kia for its range of cars and should go some way to allaying the concerns of potential customers who are wary about the lifespan of the batteries.

It also matches the warranty that will be offered by Chevrolet for the battery in the Volt. Nissan's announcement coincided with the news that the American manufacturer has finally attached a $41,000 (£26,300) price tag to the car.

There is no indication yet whether this price will come to the UK, but a sub £30k figure would at least put the Volt in the same ballpark as the Nissan Leaf.

Of course, this means it will still be expensive for a family car, but not as pricey as the Mitsubishi iMiev, which will cost £38,699 before any government incentives is applied.
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