F1 teams need to get cleverer or just honest?

David Hobbs

Whatever the rights and wrongs - and there are plenty of those - of the Ferrari fiasco from Hockenheim, one thing is for sure - the teams and drivers are going to have to be a lot more careful about what they say in future.

A few weeks ago, Mark Webber cheered thousands of F1 fans who thought he'd been hard done by with his 'number 2' comments after taking the chequered flag at Silverstone. Last Sunday, Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley did the complete opposite when he 'informed' his driver Felipe Massa that it might be a good idea to let his team-mate, Fernando Alonso, through for the GP win.

Nothing we don't already know, of course, but what's important here is the role of the team pit-to-car radios. Without those feeds, would fans be any the wiser? Very likely not but they're about to become even more well-informed.