Top Ten: Celebrities capable of outpacing Tom Cruise

Even if you didn't see Tom Cruise's hot lap of the Top Gear track on Sunday, you're almost certain to have heard what happened.

As we predicted, the 5' 7" Hollywood powerhouse produced a spectacular time that sent him straight to the top of the hotly contested leader board. Cruise's commitment saw him round the final bend on two wheels before recording a 1.44.2 lap – a full second quicker than his co-star, Cameron Diaz.

So the question is now who can unseat the pint-sized Cruiser? Well, we've batted around a list of ten names around the office who we think have got a shot at the title if they are invited on the show. Click below to see what you think...

10. Jimmy Carr
There's no doubt that Carr's 1.46.9 lap in the original Liana was a fluke, but the quick-witted comedian showed himself to be completely fearless in the face of impending disaster and spun out in his lap in the Lacetti. He'd be out to prove he's not useless behind the wheel and if he gets lucky there's no telling how fast he can go.

9. Josh Brolin
If Top Gear continues to prove itself capable of attracting the Hollywood heavy-hitters, it might be worth a punt on Brolin. We don't know if it's those Mercedes-Benz adverts, but we like the cut of his jib. Plus he was also the winner of the annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity race back in 2000.

8. Simon Cowell
Say what you will about the smarmy X-Factor mastermind, but Cowell proved himself scarily good in an affordable car. Twice. The Top Gear team was so aggrieved about having him at the top of the board for so long they had to draft in Jay Kay to beat him.

7. Rowan Atkinson
The McLaren F1 owning Atkinson is a renowned petrol head, but the problem won't be getting him on the show to do a lap, it will be getting him into the studio afterwards to do an interview. The Blackadder star is notoriously media-shy, but anyone who's raced Renault 5 GT Turbos has got to be quick.

6. Nic Cage
Even Jay Leno will admit that Cage is a car nut. The actor has bought and sold more exotic metal than an Iranian arms dealer, and we'd be surprised if his 'do or die' attitude didn't transfer onto the track. He also has the advantage of being almost hilariously unhinged.

5. Nick Mason
Mason's status as a collector of cars is also without question. What is less widely know is how fast he likes to drive them. Nobody finishes the gruelling 24hrs of Le Mans in 18th place without having a bit of talent. Like Atkinson, he could be tough to book on the show though.

4. Tim Allen
Like the Tim Taylor character he played in Home Improvement, Allen has a very American passion for hot-rodding cars. He also enjoys racing the things, and competed in the SCCA World Challenge behind the wheel of a Saleen Mustang. He'd have a few stories to tell too – Allen went to prison for two years for cocaine possession in 1978.

3. Ellen MacArthur
MacArthur might not have quite the same celebrity profile she did when she punched out a 1.46.7 in the Liana, but the lap left an indelible impression on anyone who saw it. The sailing prodigy, used to challenging herself, simply did what she was told. To the letter. You'd bet against MacArthur at your peril.

2. Eric Bana
Bana's one of the few Hollywood stars to have already been on Top Gear, but we'd love to see him make a return visit on a dry track. The Aussie actor managed a 1.47.5 in the wet (the quickest wet celebrity time recorded) and actually prefers racing cars to treading the boards.

1. Jay Kay
It's hard not to put Jamoraqui's front man at the top of the list. There is a limit to Kay's talent – he took eight laps to finish off Cowell – but there's no questioning his passion. One thing's for sure, he'll be the only man on this list who will have been calling the BBC to invite himself back after Cruise's lap.

What do you think? Who did we miss off? Put your thoughts in the comment box below.
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