Presents for pets

Caroline Cassidy

Our pets give us so much pleasure that it's only fair we give them something special in return. We are a nation of animal lovers and spend millions on our pets every year. These days giving your pet a treat means more than just getting a bone from the butchers or a few scraps from the fishmonger. If you want to treat your pet you need to be a bit more imaginative. Her are some ideas for the perfect pet pressie.

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Pet Photoshoot gift box. Why not show them how much you love your pet with a special Pet Photoshoot? This gift gives you a session with a professional photographer so you can get the perfect picture of your dog or cat. Then you can attend a viewing appointment where you can choose the picture you want to use.
Price £50.00

Pets' Eye view camera. Want to spy on your pet while you're out of the room? Clip the lightweight digital camera to your pet's collar and you'll be able to take up to 40 photos of their secret activities. Hook up the camera to your PC or Mac and enjoy a day in the life of your four-legged friend.
Price £39.99

Cat playhouses. Cats love boxes so why not give them the brightest and best? Perk up their playtime with one of these ridiculous playhouses. Tiddles can pilot a plane, drive a fire engine or go in to battle in a tank. Brightly coloured and fun your little friend will go mad for these perfect pet presents.
Price £14.99

Doggy loungers. A real treat for your furry friend. The fabric of these dog beds can be wiped clean to keep everything smelling fresh. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, making great, clean dog beds
Price £79.99

How smart is your dog IQ test? We all like to think our pet is really very bright and a perhaps even a long-standing member of Mensa. With the Doggy IQ Test, by Dr Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, you can find out.
Price £4.99

Paw casting kit
. This is your pet's very own Hollywood handprint. Nicely presented in a handcrafted wooden frame for you to frame your pet's paw print forever. Full instructions included along with a beautiful presentation frame. Select from bronze, silver or gold to cast your paw print.
Price £11.99

The dog cradle
is a dog car travel companion. Keep your dog contained in the back of your car. The Dog Cradle protects seats from muddy prints and hair and stops your dog being thrown around the car. The Dog Cradle is also perfect for storing dog towels and toys. The extendable straps make the Dog Cradle suitable for all dogs and measures 90cm x 37cm x 40cm.
Price £14.00

Mulberry coloured collar & lead set. It's the must have item for your A-lister dog. Finished in a pink mulberry colour and encrusted in diamante stones she will be the envy of the park.
Price £41.50

Gus' camouflage pattern dog bed. Your pooch won't know what to do with themselves in this cool, camouflaged dog bed. Guaranteed to cause a stir.
Price £41.00

1-cup studio scoop pet bowl
. This one-cup, high-grade pet dish allows you to scoop and serve dry food to your cat or dog in one easy process. The non-skid rubber feet makes sure your pet's meal stays where you want it to. Available in Mars Orange, Periwinkle Blue, Rose, or Snow White
Price £6.99