Portable gadgets you can take on holiday

There was time when travelling meant packing a good book a toothbrush, sun cream and a few pairs of shorts. These days we are a lot more dependent on technology and the thought of going weeks without our gadgets is inconceivable. The good news is that most of our must have items are now portable. Here are ten gadgets you should take with you.

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Sonic solar charger and Universal Adaptor. This portable device has two thin-film solar cells that total 0.5W of power and operate at 4.5 volts (depending on the intensity of sun.) All you have to do is open it up in the sun and wait until the charge indicator signals that the internal battery has been fully charged. When it's charged, attach one of the handy universal power connectors and power your device. MP3 players which require universal power adaptors can be powered using this solar charger. Unfortunately this device is not compatible with iPods unless you have a conversion power cord.

Kindle 2 wireless device. Now you can get books delivered wirelessly while you're travelling across the globe. If you are out of wireless coverage, you can download books to your PC or Mac and transfer via USB to your Kindle. Wireless download times can vary though.

AM / FM / Shortwave travel radio alarm from Radioshack. A small pocket shortwave radio that allows you tune into the BBC world service from Bondi to Bahrain. Whilst some of your gadgets may have an FM tuner it's unlikely they have shortwave.

Noise cancelling headphonesSony MDR-NC11 Fontopia. Ideal for frequent flyers and discrete too. Allows you to drift away on those long journeys.

WiFi detector at Play.com. If you travel with a laptop you could avoid the internet cafes, it finds wireless hotspots and requires no software to get started.

Kodak Zi6 HD pocket camcorder at Play.com. With the Zi6 you can capture HD quality video and record hours of video with the expandable SD/SDHC card slot. Holds 32 GB. For your viewing pleasure

Pocket Cinema at IWOOT. The size of a mobile phone and includes stereo speakers. Project movies and pictures up to 50 inches wide, and because of the built-in media player you can save all of your favourite movies to the 1GB of memory built into the Pocket Cinema.

Travel translator at IWOOT. A must have gadget for the traveller who struggles with languages. It not only says the phrase you need out loud in the language of your choice, but will say it in your language as well as the translated one. Avoid any embarrassment.

The Gorilla Pod. Compact, tough and flexible travel camera tripod. The Gorilla Pod comes in both compact and SLR sizes. Is an ingenious and versatile tripod that'll support your camera almost anywhere

E-Pen. Capture, save and convert handwritten notes to editable text. Handwritten notes and illustrations captured using an ink filled digital pen. The remotely captured notes are saved to your PC and converted to typed text to then be imported into like Word® and Outlook®.
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