One in three men frightened of their partner's driving

They might be just as experienced, have a better driving history or suffer from less road rage, but despite this it seems that as many as one in three men are frightened of their partner's driving.

A study has revealed that millions of men find themselves gripping the edge of the seat or pressing the floor of the passenger footwell in fear when their wives or girlfriends are behind the wheel.As many as one in ten say that they have been forced to grab the steering wheel, while a similar amount say they have asked their other half to pull over so they can take over the driving.

A spokesman for OnePoll, who commissioned the survey of 3,000 men in the UK, said: "Most feel they are better drivers than the women in their lives.

"They believe they concentrate a lot better, read road situations more quickly and clearly and have better reactions.

"One in five even went as far as to say they were never able to relax when their other half is driving."

There is a long list of irritations for male passengers, with lack of concentration being their biggest complaint, saying that women get distracted too easily.

"It is probably more a case that men just think they are safer drivers.

"Anyone can be distracted by things outside or inside the vehicle, so that argument doesn't really stack up."

The top ten of complaints were:
1. Lack of concentration
2. Braking too late
3. Flicking the accelerator
4. Not avoiding rumble strips
5. Getting too close to other cars
6. Braking too hard
7. Fiddling with the stereo
8. Failure to indicate
9. Going too fast
10. Sticking in the middle lane

Presumably the men surveyed complain less when their other half remains sober to drive them home at the end of a night out or picks the kids up.
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